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Cronycle’s purpose is to help intelligence analysts and market research teams discover relevant information and surface important insights from a vast array of content sources from across the globe. But many of our customers get their information from different mediums – namely, email alerts and newsletters. While Cronycle has offered some functionality for newsletters for some time, we’re reinventing how customers can monitor, filter, and organize this critical content. 

Our dedicated newsletter feed is a useful feature, but it doesn’t allow analysts and research teams to filter and monitor information in context with other content on a topic of interest. With Cronycle’s latest update, these groups will never miss another important bit of information as they view and filter these communications in context, right in their regular feeds and with a workflow that is familiar to all Cronycle users.

The growing importance of email alerts and newsletters

Many professionals need to extract insights for market and competitive intelligence, product marketing, content marketing, sales enablement, corporate strategy, and much more. For years, the best option for regularly monitoring information from specific sources was with an RSS feed.

Unfortunately, in recent years, fewer organizations have offered RSS feeds for the information they publish. Instead, many have turned to producing newsletters and email alerts that can be delivered directly to your email. 

In theory, this is a great solution to the disappearance of RSS feeds and the need to collect information and insights about industries and other important topics. However, as more and more information gets sent to us in our email boxes, the volume of messages quickly becomes overwhelming. It’s time consuming to search through newsletters for key pieces of information. Failing to do this is worse – it’s easy to miss something important simply due to lack of time to read every email alert or newsletter received.

Add into that the cognitive load from multiple information streams in a single workload, like shifting from email to monitoring tools, like Cronycle. It can be jarring to context switch from day to day messages to new market information. Doing that can be exhausting and can lead to missing key connections between content published across the internet and what’s seen in an inbox. In the end, insight development is slowed and may even fall short of what is needed.

The value of monitoring newsletters and email alerts in Cronycle

Cronycle’s new feature brings those email alerts and newsletters into users feeds, alongside other relevant content on topics of interest. This does far more than simply permit users to collect content into a single place.

Once emails and newsletters senders are added to a user’s feeds, they can use the feed tools that Cronycle has to offer on those messages, just like they do for other content. Cronycle already saves users hours a week but putting email and newsletters into their feeds allows them to apply existing filters automatically to the content, without additional work. Ad hoc search functionality can also be used. These tools help to focus insight discovery and save users even more time. 

Cronycle users also gain the benefit of categorizing the content, seeing it in context with other market and competitive information like that from news sources, automated feeds on topics, tweets, videos, blogs, academic publications, reports, and more. You’ll be able to easily pin links embedded in emails and extract key information that you and your teams can collaborate on. For richer newsletters, users can annotate and extract insights directly from the email itself.

Users have a single place where they can find insights and connect the dots between pieces of information to create the intelligence analysts, researchers, and stakeholders need.

Use cases for email alert and newsletter monitoring

This newsletter and email alerts feature can be used with nearly any subscription. Here are just a few ideas on how Cronycle users can make the most of this feature:

Analyst newsletters: Adding analyst newsletters to your feeds allows users to filter incoming messages for specific topics and information. Separate out mentions of competitors from a company’s own mentions, or identify key topics that can point to changes in an industry. Once pinned, users can extract insights from the messages to use within their own workflow.

Competitor newsletters: Stay on top of the information that competitors are sharing with their subscribers, in the same context as other sources of information about competitors. Extract and compare information, and keep an eye out for messaging changes. Never miss a competitor announcement again.

Market Reports: Understand markets, inside and out, and keep an eye on critical shifts in expectations and consumer behavior.

Industry newsletters: Keep on top of information coming from top influencers and content creators in a space, as well as those in adjacent markets that could move into or disrupt an industry.

Email notifications: Email notifications let users know about new features, options, website updates, academic publications, services, and products. Watch for announcements from competitors, partners, and service providers in your market.

As part of a Cronycle account, users have access to a dedicated email address provided by Cronycle. That email address is used to subscribe to alerts and newsletters and add those sender to your custom feeds.

Want to know more about the new email alert and newsletter feed feature? Check out this tutorial to learn more about how it works and how to use it.

Cronycle is committed to adding the features that users need to stay competitive and informed. We’re constantly looking to add and improve our platform and listen closely to our customers to find out what would help make their jobs easier. If you’re interested in finding out how Cronycle can help you, contact us to set up a demo. We’d love to share the power of our tools with you. 

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