Newsletters made simple, by Cronycle

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In this post, we’ll look at newsletters made simple. In an age of exponential content production and social sharing, finding relevant information can feel like painstaking work. Among the options available for your audience to navigate information, curation has grown and is now standing out. Most people trust a few hand-picked curators to do at least some of the work for them. This is also the case in the workplace. Research teams share critical news over emails to stakeholders, to ensure no important market information is missed.

If you are reading this post, you are probably a market intelligence researcher or a curator (or a curator-to-be), whether for an internal or external audience. In that case, Cronycle is a great choice to get newsletters done easily, alongside insights discovery and extraction, alone or as a team.

Newsletters are powerful tools to raise awareness of your market, brand, and/or expertise. But until recently, connecting a myriad of tools to select, create and distribute issues made it a time consuming task many of you could not afford. And any change with one tool made this card castle crumble.

How Cronycle makes newsletters simple

Fortunately, this has changed. Cronycle makes newsletters simple – mostly because we integrate discovery, filtering, insights collection and delivery within our integrated workflow.

First, choose Topics of interest among over 80k Topics (and millions of RSS, Twitter and newsletter sources), and create feeds:

feeds with topics and other sources to discover content in a simple way for your newsletter

Then, filter feeds with keywords to only get what is relevant to you within the feeds and save a lot of time:

filter feeds to get relevant information for your newsletter

Next, pin (save) the best content from the feeds onto boards. You can also clip to your board from anywhere on the web using our Content Clipper extensions for Chrome and Safari.

Make sense of collected information on your boards, alone or as a team, with different ways to extract insights:

make newsletters simple - board to collect and enrich good content, here with a summary

Click on Newsletter to get started with a first draft:

Newsletter button on a board, near the top right
The newsletter button is near the top right

Once in the editor, simply drag & drop the best items within sections into the newsletter template:

simple to use newsletter editor with drag & drop
Summaries added on your board are automatically added with the content

If you want to chose another template or accent colour, add footer mentions and do few other customisations, open the Newsletter setup (near top left):

Template options for the newsletter
One of the 4 steps in the setup wizard

The header image and action button are both editable in the editor, so are sections.

Import & manage your newsletter distribution list, send or schedule your issues.

After you’ve sent at least one issue, review how your past newsletter issues did and check subscriber performance with analytics:

make newsletters simple - analytics on past issues
Newsletter analytics

Use the same board content to publish to your WordPress website, social media, RSS, Cronycle, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, or to Slack:

publish board content in many ways
Other options to publish content from your board

Give it a try! You need an Individual / Pro or Enterprise account to prepare and send newsletters. If you are a team, meet with us.

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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