Our plans are evolving

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Cronycle’s collaborative workflow have made it a tool of choice for organisations who want to curate in a collective manner. Having an ex-Microsoft as CEO, and other team members from the enterprise world, we knew that we had to go a step further in building an Enterprise-grade offer. So, in the last few months, we have focused our efforts on building a strong Enterprise plan. 

Our Enterprise plan

While we will have more news on this subject in the next weeks and months, there is already plenty to tell you about:

  • A dedicated admin console to easily manage the organisation: users, teams, branding, and more soon
  • Collective resources, such as pooled sources and the list of tags shared across the whole organization
  • The possibility to name several admins so teams can be managed more easily
  • Dedicated support and team training to help onboard teams, provide advice, and share feedback with us to continually evolve the platform
  • More of everything: feeds, boards, sources, Topics, contributors…
Our new Admin Console

How to start in Cronycle as a team?

Contact us to book a demo and to try our Enterprise plan.

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Changes to our Pro plan

As a result, we also decided to lower the price point of our pro plans. A Pro plan will now cost 24$ per month if taken on a monthly contract. If you prefer the annual subscription, the price will now be 19$ per month.

If you already have a paid contract with us, these changes will take effect from your next monthly invoice. Note that there are new usage limits on feeds and Topics: if you already have a paid Pro account, you will not be impacted.

To compare our plan, check our Pricing page. This may be a good time to check whether our new Enterprise plan could be relevant for you and your team. We are available to do demos: you only need to drop us a line.