RSS feeds: Personalise your trusted source library

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With Cronycle, everyone can add individual RSS feeds to their Cronycle account. This means you can personalise your trusted library of sources and create highly targeted custom feeds with your filters.

Cronycle is a content research platform. We believe in making it incredibly easy for our users to gather information from the web and create actionable intelligence.  Create Custom Feeds which are relevant for your research purposes, and then collaborate with your team to get insights and intelligence from these feeds.

How will this help with my research?

Our custom feeds are powered by the feeds that publishers produce through RSS feeds, articles shared via Twitter accounts that you add, and also by Cronycle Topics – automated relevant feeds.

Our search lets you find any RSS feed, Twitter account (search the exact @handle if you don’t find by name) and content for over 80k topics.

You can add individual RSS feeds (and all the above) either via the Webapp on your computer or mobile phone, or the Chrome or Safari content clipper.

Perhaps you want to learn the basics about creating news feed, or about filtering.

Click here to learn more about creating a library full of your trusted sources

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