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Customize to include one or several of our APIs (with or without the Enterprise plan features)

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Cronycle Expertise Network

Access content from field experts and influencers across 80,000+ topics and stay ahead of what matters most.

Browser Extensions & iOS app

Clip articles from anywhere and save them to your boards using our Chrome or Safari browser extensions. Plus, generate insights on the go with our iOS app.

Full text search

Full text search into articles, documents, conversations, and more

Auto summarize content

Automatically extract key excerpts from articles, edit and use them as summaries.




Team feeds
Aggregate and filter information as a team
Team knowledge hub
Organize, enrich and extract insights as a team using boards
Organized teams
Combine users into meaningful groups and add external collaborators
Get notified by email or Slack about new content and comments
Admin console
Manage the organization, users and resources
Three levels of user access: admin, curator or subscriber
Source pooling
Share sources across the organization
Organization tags
Set a shared taxonomy for tags to use on all boards across the organization
Feed metrics
View visits, reads and pins for all team feeds


80k+ Expert-led topics
Discover relevant content from over 80,000 Topics and events shared by ~ 2.7 million entities within the Cronycle Expertise Network
Custom topics
Add unique, new Topics and search combinations to Cronycle
Topic suggestions & semantics
Cronycle's AI engine recommends related, alternative Topics from its Topic Graph to improve and refine discovery
Global language discovery
Discover content across nine global languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.
Topic translation
Request translation for new languages, regional expressions and synonyms
Influencer graph
A deep, dynamic ranking of field experts and influencers. Export a list of the top 250


RSS / Google Alert sources
Integrate RSS sources into Cronycle Feeds for aggregation and filtering. RSS and Atom feeds are common across websites and blogs as well as Google Alerts, Bing Alerts, Pinterest, YouTube, Stack Overflow, Medium, and more
Newsletters in feeds
Subscribe to newsletters and add them to your Cronycle Feeds using a unique email address
Topics in feeds
Aggregate Topics into Cronycle feeds to filter and process



Freeform search
Leverage the expertise network to aggregate relevant content mentioning your own terms
Twitter sources
Aggregate Twitter handles into Cronycle feeds to filter and process tweets and links shared



Website monitoring
Monitor specific web pages and receive updates within your Cronycle Feeds
Custom feeds
Aggregate content from Topics, freeform search and your own sources into custom feeds, then use advanced filtering to reduce noise



Feed stats
View feed metrics and track content trends and shares among the expertise network over time
Browser clipper
Browser extention for Chrome/Edge and Safari. Clip content from the web and post it to Cronycle boards
Upload files
Upload files of any type to boards. Preview available for jpg, png, pdf, doc, ppt and xls

500 MB

5 GB


Keyword filters
Advanced keyword filtering including boolean combinations and targeted exclusions to better filter out noise.
Language filter
Filter feed content by language: select one or up to nine global languages including English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish
Domain filters
Filter feed content according to where it was published. Choose to block or include specific domains
Full text search
Perform ad hoc searches across content within your feed
Real-time alerts
Receive timely, proactive email notifications about important information surfaced by Cronycle


Save content to boards. Then filter, search, contextualize, extract and share insights



Enrich saved content
Annotate, tag, summarize and group content saved to boards. Summaries and tags can be published and annotations are easily extracted
Custom title & image
Adapt content by adding your own title and featured image
Full text search
Perform ad hoc searches within a single board or across all boards. Quickly filter by tag, type, time, approval and contributor
Automatically extract key sentences from content and feature it as a summary
Rich text notes
Create briefs, draft original content, build reports or collect quotes and insights using rich text notes within boards
Insights view
Quickly view just the insights you and your team have uncovered including summaries, tags, annotations and notes
Extract annotations
Append annotations to article summaries, generate rich text notes, discuss annotations within boards or copy and share them with others
Team discussions
Use Crystals within boards to initiate team discussions, exchange insights and enhance understanding


Editor Approval
Verify content quality, summaries and tags before publishing from a board
Use our built-in editor to create and send email newsletters to audiences

Send up to 50k emails per month

Share to Slack & MS Teams
Share relevant insights from Cronycle boards with stakeholders via Slack and MS Teams
Publish to WordPress
Draft posts from board content using the Cronycle WordPress plugin. Include content summaries, tags, title, featured image, excerpt and originating source URL
Buffer & Hootsuite
Publish content from boards to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn via native integrations with Buffer and Hootsuite. Direct share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email.
Publish to RSS
Feed curated content from any board into a number of apps and services including Hubspot, blogs, social media and more via RSS
Automate using Zapier
Pass board content to Zapier and from there to thousands of apps and services including Google Suite, Airtable, Webflow, social media, and many more.
Board subscribers
Expand your reach by sharing Cronycle boards with subscribers. Allow others within your organization to read, comment and vote on content
Export insights
Filter and export insights collected in boards as editable RTF and CSV files


Support setting up your first set of Topics, feeds and filters in accordance with your team's workflow
Online support
Live chat support accessible from within Cronycle's web application
Help desk
Phone & email support to quickly resolve any issues that may arise
Team training
Expert consultation and training around essential best practices and getting the most from Cronycle



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Frequently Asked Questions
Is team collaboration included with the Individual plan?
Sorry, there is no option to collaborate with the Individual plan. If you think there is a chance you’ll be using Cronycle as a team, please meet with us.
Do you offer discounts for students or charities?
Yes, we offer special rates for students, teachers and NGOs. Please contact us for more information.
What are the payment methods?
For an Individual account, you can pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express, either monthly or annually.
Can I change my subscription?
Of course, you can upgrade or cancel your subscription at anytime once you have logged into your account. The cancellation will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle (monthly or annually, depending on your plan).

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