Monitor disruptions and innovation

Monitor for disruptions and increase agility thanks to better information flows, awareness of emerging opportunities and threats.

Monitor industry vertical news using cronycle boards

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For your business to thrive, you need to monitor tons of rapidly proliferating information. Staying on top of it all, especially when it comes through unstructured information flows, has been both difficult and expensive. . .until now. Cronycle makes it easy to mobilize insights formation.

“If your organization does not have a process in place by which your leaders can update their knowledge regularly, the digital knowledge of your leadership will gradually grow obsolete.”

By Gerald C. Kane, Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan R. Copulsky and Garth R. Andrus

Use it to:

# Conduct innovation research
# Monitor for tech disruptions
# Keep C-suite informed
# Identify innovation opportunities
# Learn about emerging domains
# Follow news about start-ups
# Inspire innovation project members
# Inform product management

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Cooperate on disruption monitoring and identifying innovation ideas

Inform and inspire product management

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Check our sample automated topics

This is a very small sample from our 80k+ automatically curated topics useful to monitor for disruptions and innovation.

HR Tech

Quantum Computing

Remote Working

Sustainable Energy


Innovation research in Cronycle

Save time discovering emergent content and sources with topics

Focus content delivered in your feeds with filters

Save relevant articles, videos and Twitter conversations to boards

Make sense of content on your boards, alone or as a team

Extract insights with annotations and user insights view

Share information to stakeholders via MS Teams, Slack, RSS, exports, etc.

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