update to research collaboration with subscribers to board

Latest update to research collaboration means more control and improved sharing

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Announcing our latest update to research collaboration – now it’s even easier to manage users and control who can access your boards. With this update, Cronycle makes it even easier to share insights and improve the information flow within your organization and with your stakeholders.

What has changed?

With Cronycle it’s simple to add, view and remove board users, and to share boards with subscribers. With this update, we have refactored the “published board” option. It was previously under “publish,” and required going back and forth between publishing settings and board settings…but, not anymore.

Now, there is one central location where you can give access to your boards – for both subscribers and collaborators. The users panel now features two tabs – one for curators and one for subscribers. In both tabs, the list of users given that access level is clearly visible and can easily be added or removed.

with this update to research collaboration you get a dedicated panel for users - subscribers and collaborators

What’s more, in order to protect confidentiality, boards are not openly identifiable across the organization by default. Instead, a board owner or collaborator must enable access and provide visibility to subscribers. This is why the subscriber tab has a section with a toggle enabling boards to be shared with subscribers. You can even control whether all content is visible or only content the editor has approved is visible (set as the default).

How to add users to a board

As a part of the update to research collaboration, at the top of the panel, we have added a single “+add users” button. It lets you add collaborators and subscribers as a first step.

with this update to research collaboration you cannot make an error with access level

From there, you can select from a list of user(s) within your organization to add or invite new users:

with this update to research collaboration you can add subscribers and enable the board from the same panel - here adding users as subscribers

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