Share relevant content to Slack using Cronycle

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Share relevant content from your Cronycle boards onto your Slack workspace, and / or receive notifications in Slack to work as a team.

This page explains the double purpose of our Slack integration, and how to use it. In both cases, the Slack integration is reserved for users with an Enterprise subscription.

Sharing to busy people

Before we get to our Slack integration below, a few words about why it can be useful for you.

Getting your audience to regularly notice your curated content is hard, even when that content is critical to their work. Everyone is overwhelmed with content: it is everywhere we look on our devices, social media, email, websites visited, messaging apps, notifications, widgets, etc. Social media have made it so easy to get content delivered right in front of our eyes, that most people do not navigate to get their news.

So, how can you, as a content curator, deliver content relevant to your audience in their flow of work / life?

First, you need to identify where your audience consistently goes. Do some research, ask them, find out more about it.

Does your audience routinely check emails?
Try doing a regular newsletter, which you can easily do from Cronycle. This is a good option for Enterprise knowledge sharing, as well as for external audience. And you decide what the pace is. Make sure you share relevant and quality content to avoid spamming and bring value.

Is your audience solely on social media?
You can send content filtered & enriched on your Cronycle feeds and boards to social mediaread this post to know all about how to do this effortlessly.

Do you have an internal audience relying on a collaboration app?
An internal audience is likely to be heavily using an internal collaboration tool. You can easily share relevant content to Slack using our integration which we describe in the next section. For other apps, publish your board or share your feed as RSS, to send content into any app accepting this industry standard.

Is your audience all over the place?
Sorry, but it happens! However, don’t loose hope: with Cronycle, you can send the same content from your boards to all the options above simultaneously.

How to share relevant content to Slack?

Let’s first look at how to share relevant content to Slack. We describe collaboration and notifications in the last chapter.

0 – Start the setup wizard

Go to the board you want to share from. Click on the Publish button to open the publishing options available. If you already have some options enabled, click on “+Set up more publishing options”.

Expand the Messaging Apps sections and click on “Set up publishing to Slack”.

Share relevant content to Slack - start the setup wizard
Click on Set up publishing to Slack to start

1 – Connect to Slack

The first time (or if you have disconnected), you need to connect. Click on Connect, and then authenticate and authorise your Cronycle account to send information to Slack. Authorisations requested are:

Share relevant content to Slack -  step 1 connect apps
Connect apps

Click on Allow to establish the connection. You can also check the Slack apps directory. If you disconnect from here, it will disconnect all your boards, including if you use Slack for Notifications.

Click on Next.

2 – Choose the Slack channel(s) to share relevant content to

You can the choose one or several channels to share to in the dropdown – type the channel name to filter by name. You can enable publish to Slack from as many boards as you like and have, and publish each one to the same or different channels. However, it will always be within the same Slack workspace.

Share relevant content to Slack - step 2 select channels
Select channel(s)

3- Filter the content type(s) to publish to Slack

Here, you need to define what type of content you’ll send to the Slack channels. The default is Editor approval which lets you enrich and check your content before sending it across your publishing options for that board.

Share relevant content to Slack - step 3 select the content to send

The alternative is to select one or several of the different board content types available – Articles & videos, Twitter conversations, Tweets, Notes, Story Arcs and uploaded files. In that case, content is sent to Slack within seconds of being saved on the board. This is fast and effortless, but means you do not have the time to enrich or validate – hence why we recommend using Editor Approval.

4 – Review & confirm

At this step, review to make sure you’ve done all the setup right. You can go back to any past step at any time, or even close the ongoing set-up – we save the changes as you do them and you can resume when you are ready.

Share relevant content to Slack - step 4 review and confirm to start publishing
Review & confirm

Once you click on Start publishing, you see a confirmation with a few reminders and tips, such as adding new content on the board and / or editor approving. Only new content gets sent to Slack.


Resulting messages in Slack

Your audience can see the summary (if one was added before the content was sent to Slack), title, image, excerpt and can open the content in its original location.

First example with only an article:

article received in Slack Channel

Second example of a Story Arc, grouping two articles and with a summary:

story arc with summary received in Slack Channel

Manage your connection to Slack

You can disconnect your Slack account from the Profile section in Cronycle (accessed using the top menu user icon), or by disconnecting from any board publishing setup to Slack (in step 1). There is only one Slack account connected per Cronycle user account.

Profile - integrations & connections - connection to Slack

Click on Disconnect to stop sending information to Slack. Once disconnected, no notification and no content will be sent to your Slack account anymore, across all boards. You can reconnect from the profile page again, or from any of the boards.

Collaborate with your team

“Cronycle has provided the Europa team with the ability to effectively collaborate as a collective, and has enabled us to work much more efficiently.”

Iain Frame, Senior Editor, Europa Directory Research

Filtering, collecting, enriching and sharing content is best done as a team effort: more eyes and brains monitoring the news lead to better coverage, less blind spots and better analysis. Diversity is key to success in marketing intelligence. Read our case study on collaboration if you want to learn from a practical case.

Using Slack is a good way for team to discuss their current ongoing work. Hence why we enabled a specific option to receive Cronycle notifications in Slack. You can monitor activity on your boards more easily and collaboratively.

Collaborate with your team on content via slack notifications
Activities on the board triggers notifications that appear on the Slack channel

In this case, the information sent to Slack is slightly different: while it will include the link to a content pinned, it will also lead back to the board for reviewing and enriching, and include other actions such as comments and tags additions. The content excerpt is not included, neither are the images. The objective here is really to monitor the activity on a board used by a team.

How to set up Slack notifications for collaboration?

Like for collaboration, you need to connect to Slack the first time, if not yet connected for publication or notification. Note that one Cronycle account can connect to only one Slack Workspace, both publishing and notifications.

You can also check the Slack apps directory.

On the board you wish to receive notifications, open the board settings by clicking on the cog wheel. Expand the Notifications section.

First, switch one notifications for this board. You have three options per board:

  • No notifications – the default.
  • Only mentions: you receive notifications only when a collaborator adds a comment with your @username.
  • All notifications: actions on this board will trigger notifications – use this if you need to closely monitor a board.
Collaborate with your team on content via slack notifications - set up 1
3 levels of notifications in board settings

Once you have chosen all notifications or mentions only, you can then switch on Slack as a delivery option. If your accounts are not connected yet, you will be invited to connect, and get the authorisations as seen above in publishing set up.

Collaborate with your team on content via slack notifications - set up 2
Connect to slack from publications

You can then choose the channel(s) you want notifications to be sent to.

Collaborate with your team on content via slack notifications - set up 3
Choose channel(s)

Add several channels consecutively and remove them by clicking on the cross.

You are all set-up: as soon as there will be activity matching your criteria, you will see notifications delivered in Slack. You can do this from all the boards you need to monitor.

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