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Publish curated content to WordPress – update to our plugin

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Cronycle is a great way to curate content to help you grow and share your knowledge. We help you discover, organize, enrich and publish relevant content. We have many ways to let you distribute your content, whether internally, to other platforms, to social media and/or to your website, the latter by publishing curated content to WordPress via our plugin.

Our WordPress plugin lets you publish the content from your Cronycle boards to your WordPress site in two ways: news banner or posts.

What’s new with our WordPress plugin?

We just updated our plugin to make the posts work even better: you can now convert each piece of content into a regular post and use the blocks of the Guthenberg editor in WordPress.

There is indeed now an option to convert as draft from the available content in the page “Cronycle Content”:

Publish curated content to wordpress - posts

Once converted, the content is added to your regular draft posts and appears with each items as a block:

Publish curated content to WordPress - block editor

This is important because it allows you to use other WordPress plugins (for SEO for example), and page builders.

A quick check or edit, and you can publish curated content to WordPress.

You can also still use the quick edit to publish within a few clicks.

Want to learn how to publish curated content to WordPress?

You can read the full tutorial here. We have regular news which we share in our monthly newsletters. Subscribe to remain up-to-date:

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