Scan information for market research with the compact list view

Quickly scan information for market research

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Cronycle provides a new way to quickly scan information for market research in feeds using filtered aggregations of topics and sources.

Market research relies on a combination of filtering techniques and intelligent review to scan for relevant information. Cronycle feeds offer several filtering options to reduce noise and repetition and improve relevance. These options, combined with our Topics, go a long way in helping uncover the most relevant insights to help market researchers more easily surface those “golden nuggets” of information.

The compact list view

To help market researchers save time sifting through results, we’ve just launched a new compact view. Now, Cronycle users can save even more time and be more efficient using our Compact List View. It was inspired by email apps, and features a combination of density and clarity (achieved through the proper contrast, alignment and hierarchy of feed results). With this change, our users can more quickly and easily scan through Cronycle feeds.

the compact list view of a feed to scan information for market research. Each piece of content is represented in one row within a dense list.
Compact list view

The information presented within the Compact List View for each article, video or tweet avoids repetition and includes:

  • The Domain it was published on with options to copy, open and block on click
  • The Title the main information presented, in bold font when unread, and regular when read
  • A Play Icon (if the content includes a video, podcast or slideshow)
  • The Author (or Twitter handle) when available
  • An Excerpt
  • The Published Date
  • A Pin Button to save to your boards
  • A green Unseen Marker on the left to highlight content shown for the first time – it disappears after a short time

Additionally, while hovering over a row, a button with three dots appears to the right, providing additional information and options to help quickly scan information for market research. Use this feature to determine:

  • Content Provenance – which topic or source brought the content into the feed
  • The Number of Shares within the Expertise Network – how many influencers and organizations in our expertise network shared the content on Twitter. Once clicked, a side sheet opens to show who specifically shared the content.
  • An Option to Share the link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, or to copy and paste

Alternative views to scan information for market research

Users can try out the new Compact List View or continue to use our original, Comfortable View, which will remain as the default view for those that like to carefully review their feeds from a magazine style front page, including more details per item and more space.

the comfortable list view of a feed, where each piece of content is represented in one tile with image, shares, and all options available directly. Recommended to scan carefully through information for market research
Comfortable list view

As a third option, Cronycle feeds also feature a Card View, which makes the best use of both larger monitors and smartphones.

the card view of a feed on a large monitor, recommended to scan information for market research on large monitors and smartphones
Card view

To switch the view, simply click on the four square icon towards the right, just above the top article.

Once a user has settled on a view that works best for them, it is easy to apply that view across all their feeds, including ones they are a contributor to for market research purposes.

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