a Read it Later board in Cronycle to save and organize content

How to Use a Read it Later Board to Stop Losing Information

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A Read it Later board is the best way to stop losing interesting information you may otherwise never find again, and even get it in an information workflow that works. Cronycle boards let you save, make sense of and share information – whether it is for the wider public, your organization, or simply as input for you and your team. The Read it Later board is equivalent to a folder where you temporarily store content (articles, tweets, files, etc.) which you have not had time to fully read during your busy workday. And once you have some time, you can sort through this information backlog, and process the information in good conditions.

A Read it Later board is automatically created at account creation, containing a few tutorials as sample content. We believe in the intrinsic value of such a resource for all the use cases which Cronycle covers and we also believe a this board is a good way for first-time users to familiarise themselves with the use of our boards. On this subject, we’ve recently started adding sample content on Read-it-Later boards with three tutorials about how to use boards.

You can also change the title of your Read it Later board to something more meaningful to you. You can also create other boards to organize your information, and not just stop losing it!

How to save to read later

There are different ways in which you can save to your Read it Later board, depending on where you found the information you want to stop losing. In all cases, our objective was to make it very easy and adapted to different scenarios.

Content found in one of your Cronycle feeds

Cronycle feeds let you discover and filter information. When you stumble on promising content in one of your feeds but don’t have enough time to process it, you can simply use the pin icon to save the content to your Read it Later board.

pin to Read it Later board from your feed, step 1, click on pin
Step 1 – click the pin icon
step 2, click on board name
Step 2 – select the ‘Read it later’ board in the drop down menu

The article, video, or tweet is now safely saved onto the board, and you can come back to it anytime.

Once you’ve read it, you can leave it there, copy it to another board (click on the three dots from the board tile), or delete it (also from the three dots). Like for other boards, you can add tags to help you organize your content and find it more easily later.

Content found while browsing the web

If you stumble on content while browsing the web, you can use our Content clipper extension to clip content to your Read it Later board. It is available on both Safari and Chrome (compatible with Edge).

Read it Later board - stop losing information encountered anywhere on the web

If your discovery happens while you are on an iPhone or iPad – our iOS app offers the option to save any page (or image, file…) to the board. Simply use the share option and select Cronycle.

Save from any iOS device to keep interesting information you encounter on your iPhone or iPad
Saving an article to read later on iPad

Other cases – content to read later found anywhere

If content is found in a document or other application, you can use several methods to save it to your Read it Later board:

  1. If it’s a hyperlink (for example received by email), you can open the link in your browser and then use the Content Clipper described above.
  2. Alternatively, you can copy + paste the weblink into the ‘Add content’ box within the Board itself
Read it Later board - add URL
Copy-pasting a link in the ‘Add Content’ Box

This last option of adding a link onto the board is the best way to add online content from an Android device. Our Web application is responsive:

Read it Later board - add URL from Android phone to stop losing information there as well
Saving a link I stumbled upon while on my Android phone

Lastly, you can even email content to your Read it Later board. The board’s unique email address is provided in the board settings. Remember to only add URLs or files, and no other text, no hidden links. You’ll need to strictly follow the instructions in this dedicated tutorial.

We hope you’ll enjoy your Read it Later board!

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