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How to save online content to your Board (with video)

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This tutorial shows how easy it is to save online and other content to Cronycle boards, using our feeds, extension, iOS app and board interface. Cronycle includes knowledge hubs, called boards, that let you collect, make sense of, extract and share insights. You can save and process a wide variety of information on boards so information isn’t spread – and lost – across many apps. This is particularly useful for teams.

Saving online content such as articles and PDFs to boards is better than bookmarking, as the information is saved permanently.  If the post or page disappears or is modified, your copy still remains accessible to you in Cronycle. 

The other benefit of saving online articles and other items to your boards, is that you can search and filter information, annotate to extract insights, and share to your audience – alone or as a team.

You can read the detailed description below (more up-to-date), or watch the video which will soon be updated:

A first board – the Read it later board – is created when you create a Cronycle account. It is a personal board which you cannot rename nor share with collaborators. If you want to create a new board, go to your boards and click on create a board.

Give your board a name and click on Create board to confirm.

You can use several methods to add content to boards, depending on where you find it – in a Cronycle feed, Cronycle Topic or outside Cronycle – either from your computer or mobile.

Feed content – pin to board

First, let’s look at pinning from your Cronycle feed – where you can discover and filter content from millions of sources.  When you find an interesting article, video or tweet; click on the pin button.

Save online content found in a feed

Then select the right board to save to. 

organize content your save to different boards

Almost instantly, you see the confirmation and preview of what you just saved, on the right side.  

a preview of the online content saved appears as a tile to the right

You can start to add tags, a summary, comments (with mention of team mates if you are collaborating on the board), add your own title, change featured image, etc.

Tip #1 – Start to organize and enrich pinned content from the board tile preview in the panel, while it is still fresh in your mind. You don’t need to be exhaustive, as you can modify later.

a preview of the online content saved appears as a tile to the right where you can add a summary, edit title, add tags, etc

You can also open the article to annotate sections. This is extremely useful to extract insights, as annotations can be used to prepare the summary, create quotes as notes on your board (which you can publish), and export.  You can do that either by opening in a new tab (using the blue button below the tile) if you want to easily come back to your feed, or by navigating to the board within your current browser tab (click on the article title in the right panel). 

In both cases, once on the board, you’ll see the same tile there, with the possibility to edit, group, remove, publish and more:

enrich a saved webpage from the board

In some cases, a feed is consistently producing pins for a single board. In that case, you can define a default board.

Tip #2 – set a default board to pin to if your feed is strongly associated with a board.

From your Feed settings (accessed from the cog wheel or the shortcut in Quick actions), click on Set a default board to pin to:

set default board to save online content from one feed always to the same board - step 1 click on button

Then, in the settings panel now visible, click on the input in the section Select default board and select the board to send all pins to:

set default board to save online content from one feed always to the same board - step 2, select board

The next time you pin from this feed, you won’t need to select the board. You can still do exceptions by changing the board right after pinning: simply click on change in the right panel:

set default board to save online content from one feed always to the same board - step 3, change board

Online content on a web page – Content Clipper extension

Our content clipper is a great way to save online content from anywhere onto your boards, available for Chrome (and Edge), and Safari.  This option is very handy for information behind logins or paywalls, and for opportunistic capture.

Unlike bookmarks, it saves the page content with its images, source, link, author and published date, directly into your Cronycle board. So even if the page is deleted, you will keep a copy of the content.

Tip #3 – Don’t wait, install the content clipper extension today!

To get started, you first need to install the Content Clipper. Follow the following steps –

  1. Go to the Chrome or Safari extension store depending on your browser (for Edge, go to the Chrome store)
  2. Install the Content Clipper extension by Cronycle
  3. Click on the Clipper icon (pin or Scissors) in your browser menu, and log in to your Cronycle account. Do not create another account, instead, use forgotten password from the web application login page if you lost it.
  4. Once that’s done, remember to pin the Cronycle clipper extension to the extension bar (in Chrome), or personalize the Safari toolbar, so the clipper remains easily accessible.

Now, you are ready to use the Clipper.

Go to an article or online PDF you want to save from your browser. Click on the Cronycle content clipper extension icon in the browser menu (pin or scissors).

Select the board you want to save to, add tags or a comment (both are optional), and confirm by clicking on Save.

Cronycle content clipper on Chrome - Select the board you want to save the web page to

Go back to your board in Cronycle. You can either use the Open board button from the clipper, or if your board is already open in another tab, go there and refresh the board content with a click on the refresh button in the board menu (towards the right). The item you just clipped appears.  

Learn more about our clipper extensions here.

You can also copy a URL of the content you find and add it to the board directly. Paste the full URL of the article or online PDF you want to save, and click on post. The content will appear shortly, as a new tile on the board.

post URL of online content to save to your board

This is using the same action in the background as the content clippers. However, if the content is behind a login or paywall, it won’t work (you’ll see an error message and a note will be created), or most of the content will be missing from the reader. In these cases, go to the web page and use the content clipper extension described above. 

Tip #4 – Use the content clipper extension to save content behind login and paywalls.

On an iPhone or iPad – use our iOS app

We also have an iOS application where you can pin from your feed to save online content, just like on the web application with a pin button, but not only!

Tip #5 – Use the iOS app to monitor your feeds and pin content while out and about.

Online content found in a feed on the iOS app, with pin button to save

The Cronycle iOS app also enables you to save content from any other app, better than bookmarking online content as the content remains on your board.  For example, go to the browser app, open an article, click on the share icon, then Share via…. Now, select Cronycle and then the board you want to save to. You can even add tags to start categorizing.

save online content from any iOS app to your board, here from an article in the browser
save online content from any iOS app to your board, select a board

The content will appear shortly on your board. If your board was already open, you need to reload first: go back to the list of boards, and open the board again. The same content will also be visible on the web application (after a refresh if the board was already open).

the saved article appears on the board on the iOS app

This also works for photos taken from your phone, from the camera app.

Any content saved to your board on the web application will appear on the iOS app, and vice versa.

A file – upload to the board

If the content you want to add is not available online but on your device, you can upload it as a file.  This is the case for internal documents, or saving past articles that are not online anymore (but which you have as files).

From the board first “tile” to add content, click on File. Then, you can either drag and drop in the dedicated area, or browse for the file to upload.

upload a file to your board, step 1: browse or drag and drop

You can add a title, tags and summary – all are optional.

optional: add title, tags and description to the file you are uploading, or add more files

Cronycle accepts any type of file format.  Popular extensions such as PDF, PNG, JPG, PPT and Word have an integrated preview. 

A similar option is available on the iOS application.

An idea, brief or content draft – add a note

You can also simply add text as a note onto your boards.  This is useful for example when drafting a section of a newsletter, a post, a research brief for the team, or jotting down ideas for a longer text. It is available on both the web and iOS applications.

Tip #6 – Use the rich text notes early on to set a research brief and later on to extract annotations (insights).

From a board in the web application, click on Note and start typing in the text box.

add a note to your board to save your ideas

Simply highlight some text to use the rich formatting options, such as headings, bold, colours, etc:

rich text formatting for your note

Once you Post, the rich text note appears on the board. If it is long, you can expand its box. To edit, hover over the note with your mouse and click on the pen icon.

a rich text note on a board in the web application

You’ll very soon have the option to read and edit notes in a dedicated page, with a lot more space.

From someone else – invite contributors

Team members often exchange links to online articles, but lack a solution to save them collectively. With Cronycle, you can invite collaborators to join your boards and curate content or extract insights together.  Other collaborators can save online content, upload files, modify content, and discuss as a team.  You need an Enterprise plan to add collaborators.

Tip #7 – Meet with us to learn more about collaboration.

Click on the users avatar(s) in the board menu. A side panel appears with the list of current collaborators (and subscribers if your board has any). 

users icon in board

To add a collaborator who has interesting content to add to your board, simply click on + Add users at the top of the side panel. In the window that appears next, first select As collaborators (so they have the right to add & modify content).

Then, expand the dropdown list to select one or several members of your organization.  Only users with a curator or admin role appear in the list. Click on Add to confirm.

If you are an admin user, you can also invite a person to your organization and to the board.  Click on “invite new curator to organization”, and add the email address in the next step to Send invite to. An email is sent to the new user, with a link to activate his or her account.  As soon as that’s done, your collaborator is able to access the board.  Read more about content collaboration in Cronycle here

A team discussions – start a Crystal

In teams, discussions can also happen directly on boards, using Crystals.  Any board contributor can start a Crystal with a question or statement. In the dedicated box near the top left, click on Crystal, then start typing:

start a discussion with your team with a crystal - click and type

Once you are ready, you can add a link, which is optional, then click on Post. Once that’s done, other collaborators can add their replies. Both initial message and replies can include links to online articles (which you can save), and mentions of specific board collaborators. 

discussion with your team in the form of a crystal

Like collaboration, Crystals require an Enterprise account.

Thank you for reading this Cronycle Tutorial about saving webpages and other content to your board. As you can see, it is much more powerful than bookmarking online content.

Next we recommend this tutorial on making sense of information on your board. Or meet with us with us if you are thinking about using Cronycle as a team.

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