video tutorial to learn how to share content from your board

Share curated content from your Board (with video)

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Welcome to this Cronycle tutorial about sharing information. Cronycle is a great workspace to discover and filter information and extract insights. It provides many ways to easily share curated content and insights from your boards – in particular for market intelligence, content marketing, improving knowledge flows for innovation, inform teams to make better decisions, or enabling sales teams. Boards can be used individually or as a team.

This tutorial is going to show you how to prepare and publish curated content from your boards. If you’ve missed them, please check the tutorials on saving content to boards, and making sense of information on your boards.

Cronycle also enables you to discover and filter information with feeds, with the help of Topics content and expertise network.

Tip #1 – Use the same board to collect information and insights to dispatch to different end points, and organize boards per theme or client.

You can read the detailed description below (more up-to-date), or watch the video which will soon be updated:

Publishing options overview

For each board, you have many options available to share curated content, all accessible from the Publish button on each board menu:

  • Newsletters, with an integrated editor, subscription list and sender
  • Draft posts on your WordPress website via our plugin
  • Social Media via the Buffer & Hootsuite integrations
  • RSS feed – the standard to share links to nearly anywhere
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams thanks to dedicated integrations
  • Zapier triggers, compatible with thousands of apps such as Airtable, Google, etc…
panel showing many options to share curated content to

Depending on your plan, different options are available. You can find the compatible options on our pricing page.

We also propose an API to integrate board content into your apps and services. Meet with us for more information.

Finally, in some cases, exporting is a better option – in particular to prepare reports, write original content in text editors or analyze information in tables.

Content editor approval

Before we cover the publishing options, let’s look at how you can control what content is shared and when

All the publishing options (except newsletter) let you to share content as soon as saved onto the board, or to wait until you approve each piece.

We recommend this second option, named “editor approved”. It is even a must-have if you add summaries or tags in your content curation. In the case of WordPress, Buffer, Hootsuite, Zapier, Slack and Teams, the board sends only one version of each piece of content. And you want it to be the final version.

Tip #2 – Use editor approval to enrich content and validate before it is published.

So, if you want to use editor approval, there are two things you will need to do:

First, while you set up the publishing option, in the step Set content to publish, ensure you select Send once content is editor approved.

setup step where to select to send once content is editor approved

After you confirm your publishing option, on your board, tick the box Editor approved for board content ready to share. If you have several options set with editor approval, the same content version will be shared simultaneously.

board tile with checkbox to editor approve in the footer

Read our dedicated tutorial about editor approval to learn more about this. Now, let’s look at each publishing option…

Publish as newsletter

Cronycle easily lets you prepare and send newsletters. Because it is fast and all integrated, this is a perfect solution to keep small to medium sized audience informed.

Tip #3 – Use Cronycle newsletters to keep stakeholders informed about important findings on a weekly basis, with little effort and maximum reach – right into their inbox! Combine it with a daily trickle of information via the Microsoft Teams or Slack integrations to go deeper.

To start, click on Newsletter to open the editor right from your board menu. On the left, you can see the available content – items from your board not yet added to an issue. In the middle, your draft is ready to be customized and filled with content. At the top a few options let you see a preview, send a test, edit the setup, review audience & send.

newsletter editor with available curated content on the left, and current draft in the middle

Simply drag and drop content from the left, to the draft in the middle. There, you can also add a header image, title, intro, sections, and an action button.

Tip #4 – Don’t be exhaustive with your newsletters – prioritize the top 6 to 12 most important information to deliver, and carefully introduce each one.

The Newsletter setup wizard lets you select a template and configure different aspects. 

newsletter setup wizard showing the 4 basic template options

Check the preview and send yourself a test email to verify. When ready, click on Audience & Send to view or modify your list of subscribers, and send or schedule.

The email sent includes your summaries, titles, excerpt and link to the original content. Images are included with two of the templates.

curated content shared in a newsletter issue (article with a summary)

Read more on this dedicated post.

Publish curated content to your WordPress site

You can also easily generate draft posts for your blog, using our dedicated WordPress plugin. Click on publish from your board, and on WordPress website to start to set up this publishing option.

The wizard guides you through each step. First, you need to install the Cronycle plugin in WordPress, then connect the Cronycle and WordPress accounts using a token. Next, set the content to publish (use “editor approved” if you add summaries and tags), and finally review and confirm

set up to share curated content to WordPress

Once this setup is done, make sure to have new content sent to WordPress, either by ticking “Editor approved”, or by adding content to the board (depending on your setup). 

Then, go to WordPress, open the Cronycle content page. You are now ready to review content from your board and convert them to draft posts. To do that, hover over one item in the list and click on Add to my drafts.

wordpress plugin with list of curated content to convert as draft and publish

As you can see on the draft post below, the plugin retrieves your summary, the title (yours from the board if you added one, or the original title), image, source link, tags, and an excerpt of the original article for fair use. Tags can also be added automatically, and a default category assigned for each board in the plugin settings. It uses your site’s blog post template.

Content from board made into a draft post in WordPress block editor, with title, image, summary, excerpt and source - ready to publish

Read the detailed WordPress tutorial here.

Share curated content to social media via Buffer & Hootsuite

There are several ways to share curated content to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in particular via our integrations with Buffer and Hootsuite. You can also use Zapier and RSS, see below.

Like for other publishing options, click on publish from your board, and this time on Set up publishing to Buffer or Hootsuite. This starts the wizard that guides you through the setup process.

You first need to connect your account, then select one or several social media accounts, set the content to send, and review and confirm.

set up to share curated content to Buffer (or Hootsuite)

Tip #5 – We suggest using Buffer in combination with Cronycle to share to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as Buffer adds the draft posts to your queue which you can pace and review; while Hootsuite publishes immediately.

Use editor approval if you add summaries or want to validate before sharing. Otherwise your content will be shared before you are done typing the summary.

Check our dedicated social media tutorial.

Publish curated content as an RSS feed

An RSS feed is a standard way to share a live collection of links. Use it to share information from your board to a great variety of tools, such as content management systems, social media apps, CRM apps, etc. 

RSS logo
RSS logo

Tip #6 – Check our dedicated tutorials leveraging RSS to share information to Hubspot newsletters and blog, Salesforce and Mailchimp.

The RSS feed includes the summaries, title, featured image and tags you add onto the boards, as well as the source link, author when available, published date and an excerpt if you did not add a summary.

Like in most publishing options, click on Publish, then expand the RSS feed section and click on Set up publishing to RSS to start the setup wizard. It guides you through the steps to generate an RSS feed from your board. The most important steps are the first to select the content to publish (we recommend using editor approval), and the last to review, confirm and grab your RSS URL. 

set up to share curated content as an RSS feed

Read the full RSS feed tutorials here.

Share curated content to Slack or Microsoft Teams

A regular trickle of information to messaging apps is a great way to help your stakeholders discover and discuss new data that can impact their work and decisions, without waiting for a report or newsletter. You can also use Zapier and RSS, for other messaging apps.

Use our Slack integration or MS Teams connector to send content to the channels of your choice in your organization.

From your board, click on Publish, extend the Messaging Apps section, and click on then Set up publishing to Slack or Teams. This opens a wizard dedicated to set up.

two options of messaging apps to publish board content to

In the case of Slack, you need to connect your account first. Then, select one or several channels, set the content to publish, and confirm

set up to share curated content to Slack

In the case of Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to set the content to publish first. Then, install the Cronycle Connector and connect using the provided token. You need admin rights in Microsoft Teams to install a new connector, or ask your IT support team to assist you.

set up to share curated content to Microsoft Teams

In both cases, remember to editor approve and/or add new content. Each item appears in the selected channel(s) with the summary, title you added (or the original if you didn’t), an excerpt and link to the original content.

content in a Slack channel, with summary, board reference, title, excerpt, source and image

For more guidance, check our dedicated tutorials – Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Share to Zapier for automation and other apps

Last but not least, our integration with Zapier lets you share the content you curate on your board to many apps. Zapier is a connector that covers around three thousand apps, in a wide variety of domains. It includes document editors like Google Docs, worksheet apps like Google sheet or Airtable, website tools and CMS, and Enterprise apps.

From your board, click on Publish, extend Other apps at the bottom, and click on Set up publishing to Zapier. A wizard guides you through four steps. First, you need a Zapier account, then connect it to Cronycle, set the content to publish, and review and confirm. We have a Zapier dedicated tutorial with video covering this and how to set up a Zap with a few detailed cases such as Google Docs and Google Sheet or Airtable.

set up to share to Zapier and beyond

Share your board content within Cronycle

Cronycle boards also give the options to invite subscribers with a limited access, directly onto your boards. This keeps you in control as they are within your Cronycle organization. Read the dedicated tutorial on board subscriptions to know more.

If none of the options work, export to RTF, CSV, PDF or HTML may be a good solution for you.

This concludes the options you have from your boards to share your curated content. Get more guidance by opening each dedicated tutorial.

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