Share relevant content to Microsoft Teams or Yammer or other messaging apps

Share curated content to Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and other messaging apps

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Cronycle lets you easily share curated content to Microsoft TeamsYammer, but also other enterprise messaging apps and even by email. Keeping stakeholders informed is critical to many situations – whether sharing updates about horizon scanning findings, competitor moves, continuous learning, product innovation, and more.

This blog describes how to share your curated information and collected insights to stakeholders on Microsoft Teams and Yammer through three methods – direct connector (for Teams only), RSS and Zapier. It concludes with how to email curated content in two ways, regular vs occasional (with a trick for Gmail users). We also have a direct Slack integration – read the dedicated tutorial here.

Share curated content to Microsoft Teams with the direct connector

We recommend using the Cronycle connector with Microsoft Teams, as we made it specifically to correctly display the types of content you can collect on a board (articles & videos, tweets, Twitter conversations, notes and even groups of content – Story Arcs). Before looking at the setup, here is an example of an article shared to a Team with its summary:

If you prefer to share extracted insights, this second example of a note containing an extracted annotation is a good option for you:

Both include the path back to the corresponding content reader in Cronycle.

Learn more about extracting insights from the dedicated tutorial.

To do this set up, you need an Enterprise Cronycle account with a board you created, and admin rights in Teams if the connector hasn’t been set up previously.

Go to the board you want to share from. Click on the Publish button to open the publishing panel. If you already have some options enabled, click on “+Set up more publishing options”.

Expand the Messaging Apps sections and click on “Set up publishing to Microsoft Teams”.

set up publishing content from board to Microsoft Teams
Set up from Cronycle

1- Filter the content type(s) to share to Microsoft Teams

Here, you need to define what type of content you’ll send to the Teams channels. The default is Editor approval which lets you enrich and check your content before sending it across your publishing options enabled on that board.

board set up to Microsoft teams - step 1

The alternative is to select the board content types you want, among Articles & videos, Twitter conversations, Tweets, Notes, and Story Arcs. Remember that uploaded files are not compatible with Microsoft Teams.

If you choose any of these options, content is sent to Teams as soon as it is saved on the board (it appears there up to 15 minutes later). This is fast and effortless, but it means you do not have the time to add a summary or validate – hence why we recommend using Editor Approval.

Press next.

2- Configure & connect

The second step enables you to establish the connection between Cronycle and Microsoft Teams, and to define to which Channel to share the curated content.

The first time, you need to install the Cronycle app in Teams and connect the two applications using a token – a unique code associated with your account, and shared across all the boards you own. This code is visible in the step 2 of the setup in Cronycle from where you should copy it.

board set up to Microsoft teams - step 2

Note that if you revoke this token from the Cronycle publish option, it will disconnect all your boards and give you a new token. In that situation, you’ll need to modify the setup in Teams and add the new token.

Next, go to Microsoft teams, then to Apps (from the left menu). Search “Cronycle” and click on the result. You can now install the connector in your team by clicking on “Add to a team”. This is where you need admin rights, know the name of the team and the channel you want to send to.

set up in Microsoft Teams to share curated content to colleagues - add to team
Set up in Microsoft Teams

A pop up opens where you can give this connection a name. This is optional, but useful if you are going to set up several boards to the same channel.

Next, paste the token you have just copied from Cronycle.

set up in Microsoft Teams to share curated content to colleagues - connect with token

The application retrieves your account and list of available boards. Click on the board list dropdown and select one board to send content from. The list of board contains all your boards where you have enabled publishing to Microsoft Teams. If you don’t see a board, it is probably because you haven’t enabled this publishing option in Cronycle, or because you do not own the board (another user’s token is needed).

set up in Microsoft Teams to share curated content to colleagues - select board to get content from

Save and you are all set! Remember to add content to your board, and editor approve it if you chose that option. Also note that Teams retrieves new content about every 15 minutes, so there is a little bit of waiting. Here are a few examples of how content look like on a channel:

set up in Microsoft Teams to share curated content to colleagues - updates in the channel

You can go back and modify or remove the Cronycle connector any time. You can also suspend from the board itself, by deactivating the publish to Microsoft Teams option.

Lastly, you can have several Cronycle users publish their boards to a single Teams channel, because Teams lets you add the same connector several times, with several tokens to connect.

Share relevant content to Microsoft Yammer & Teams via RSS

Generate an RSS from your Cronycle board

RSS is a standard way of sharing a collection of links. If you collect articles, web pages, tweets and even Twitter conversations on your Cronycle board, RSS is a pretty good option for you to share curated content to Microsoft Teams or Yammer.

You’ll first need to generate an RSS feed from your board. This is done by clicking on Publish, and then enabling RSS. Read the detailed tutorial for RSS from your board here. This option is available to Pro and Enterprise Cronycle plans.

curated content to Microsoft Yammer or Teams via RSS

Once you have activated RSS from the board, add some content on your board. If you chose “editor approved”, make sure to mark some content as editor approved.

Remember that notes and files are not sent via RSS because they do not include links (RSS is a standard to share links).

Once that’s done, it takes about 5-15 minutes for the content to be available in the RSS. You can check it by opening the provided RSS URL in a web browser.

Add the RSS to Yammer

Microsoft Flow is a product that allows you to automate tasks – such as monitoring an RSS feed and posting to a Yammer group whenever a new article has been posted.

Thomas Binder, Microsoft

To set up, you obviously need a Yammer account. Then, setup this flow. For a little overview of the flow and guidance, you can check this tutorial.

Add the RSS to Microsoft Teams

For sharing content to Microsoft Teams, you need to add the RSS so you get the content in the channel you want. You’ll need to use the RSS connector for all new blog posts.

Click on the three dots by the Teams channel you want to send the content to, and choose connectors. For detailed information on connectors, read this article section from Microsoft.

Next, choose the RSS connector from the list and configure. You are prompted to add the name, RSS URL (which you get from the board publishing settings), and frequency. Click on Save.

setting up the RSS connector in Teams
Example screengrab from Paessler

If you use editor approval to filter what gets published from your board, remember to click on “editor approved” on each piece of content when it is ready. This option is more limited than the direct connector from Cronycle, as it is not compatible with notes, and doesn’t provide as clear information for anything else than articles.

Share relevant content to Microsoft Yammer & Teams via Zapier

An alternative to RSS is to use Zapier to publish curated content to Microsoft Teams or Yammer. Zapier is a connector between many apps. First, you need to set up your board(s) to send content to Zapier, which requires an Enterprise account. To get started, read the tutorial we have specific to Zapier, in particular:

  • For initial setup in Cronycle, the chapter “How to connect Zapier with Cronycle?”
  • For trigger setup in Zapier, the chapter “Triggers to send relevant content to Zapier”
setting up Cronycle trigger in Zapier
  • If you are not very familiar with Zapier, we recommend reading the whole tutorial.

Add the trigger to Microsoft Yammer

Once the first step above is done, you need to set up the action in Zapier, to send to one of the Microsoft Yammer actions. First, you need to search the app, then click on the result. Next, you need to select the action you want – either create a message or an activity. Next, connect to your Yammer account, and select the information to include in the message. Once set up and tested, remember to switch on the zap, add content to the board, and editor approve it if that’s what you are using.

set up publishing board content to Microsoft Yammer via Zapier

Add the trigger to share relevant content to Microsoft Teams

Once you’ve done the first part of setting up Cronycle as a trigger, you need to set up the action in Zapier, to send to Microsoft Teams. First, you need to search the name of the app – Microsoft Teams. Click on the result. Next, select the action you want. In this case, send channel message.

set up sending board content to Microsoft Teams via Zapier

After that, follow the instructions from Zapier – you’ll need to connect, select the channel and define what information you want in the message. Remember to switch on the zap at the end, add content to your Cronycle board, and editor approve it if that’s what you’ve selected for publishing.

There are also many other apps to share relevant content to, beyond Microsoft Teams and Yammer, using RSS and/or Zapier.

Share curated content by email

Sometimes, good old email is what we need. We have two options in Cronycle, to share content to email recipients.

Occasional content sharing

If you occasionally want to email curated content as a link from a feed, or a content on your board with its summary, you can click on the share icon on the content tile or reader, and select “email”. This generates a draft email in your email app, which you can edit and send.

However, if you use Gmail with a web browser, you probably noticed that this doesn’t work – from Cronycle, nor from anywhere. This is because you need to change one setting in your Gmail first.

Go to your Gmail using the Chrome or Edge browser. In the address bar, click on the icon surrounded in yellow here:

email curated content even if you use gmail - click on the double diamond icon in the address bar
Click on the double diamond icon to allow links to be open by gmail

Next, allow gmail to open email links:

email curated content even if you use gmail - authorize gmail to open all email links
Sorry for the French! Select authorize to the question “Do you want to authorize to open all email links?”

Now, try to share content from your feed or board. You should see a pop up open with the email draft:

email curated content even if you use gmail - draft email created
It works!

Regular sharing via newsletter

Cronycle also includes a full newsletter editor, with templates, subscribers lists and scheduling. It is accessed from Boards > Publish > Newsletter. This is a great way to make professional looking newsletters to email curated content to your audience on a regular basis. Read this dedicated post on newsletters.

email curated content with regular newsletters
The newsletter editor

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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