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Struggling to produce authoritative content that gets results? Our new eBook can help

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Companies often find it challenging to develop a continuous stream of high-value content that keeps audiences engaged and helps build brand authority. The demand for fresh, informative, inspiring, and entertaining content never lets up, and content marketers struggle to keep up with the demand.

Only 10% of marketing teams leverage an integrated platform to discover and incorporate current and highly relevant market intelligence within their content. There is an enormous gap between those that are able to effectively incorporate technology into their process and those that continue to struggle with the overwhelm of meeting the demand for content.

Technology tools can empower any content strategy with goals like:

  • Building authority and a unique voice
  • Publishing unique content that engages
  • Accelerating audience growth
  • Creating greater interest and demand

“I’ve spent the bulk of my consulting career helping businesses answer one compelling question: ‘How can we stand out in this noisy world?’ The answer is complex and ever-changing, but one way you can surely help yourself is by focusing on fresh, cutting edge topics – ‘a first-to-market’ content strategy.”

~ Bestselling Author & Content Marketing Futurist, Mark Schaefer

Our new e-book, “Marketer’s Guide to Producing More Authoritative Content that Gets Results”, walks marketers through the pain points they face – like the constant demand for fresh, leading-edge information and resource constraints – and explores ways to remove those roadblocks that inhibit their teams from achieving their goals.

The e-book will help you create and execute a strategic marketing plan to become the go-to authoritative voice in your industry while meeting your organization’s hunger for information with a continuous flow of creative and compelling content. Get your eBook today!

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