Collaborate on content – now available on feeds

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Content curation is best done in teams – and Cronycle now has a new way to empower teams to collaborate on content with feeds.

Leverage the collective intelligence

Talking with our customers, we found that collaboration, and in particular leveraging a team’s or organization’s collective intelligence, is great for several reasons (that can happen simultaneously):

In all cases, having more eyes on the news is a good way to avoid blindspots.

Collaboration in Cronycle so far

Cronycle has always been about collaboration. So far, this mostly happened:

What’s new in Cronycle with collaborative feeds

Now, we also empower teams to collaborate on content with feeds:

Collaborate on your feeds: 
Invite contributors, 
Everyone can edit sources and filters,
Viewing preferences remain personal,
Only the feed owner can delete

To make a feed collaborative, you simply invite others to join you to an existing feed, using the “Collaborators” button on the feed itself.

It prompts you to add collaborators who are currently in your organization, or to invite new members by email (if you have the rights).

Invite others to collaborate on your feed

Now that I added Vishal to my feed, he can view the content, and also modify the keyword filters, collaborators and sources. As the feed owner, I am the only one to have the possibility to make this feed public and to delete it. Everything else is shared.

We can also decide on a common default board to pin to, as a team. This way, every content we save will automatically go to that common board in one click (exceptions are allowed). To do that, simply set a default board to pin to, and all feed contributors will get the same default. They will also be added as contributors to the board if they are not yet.

Setting a default board to pin to on a collaborative feed

As a result, you empower your team to collaborate on content with Cronycle feeds, as well as through the complete workflow of content discovery, curation, organization and publishing. The team members can collectively keep an eye on news, either sharing the load, or bringing their own judgement to the same content.

Case study on how collective curation informs strategic decisions

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Content curation is powerful for several endeavours – particularly to make better informed strategic decisions. Other objectives include visibility and education.

Decision making is hard!

We all know that taking decisions is hard: there are always uncertainties. Decisions cannot be purely rational or based on information because they are about projecting into a future. And that future hasn’t happened yet. This means that information can never be exhaustive. As a result, we need judgement, creativity and concertation when making decisions.

Collaborate on content

However, making decisions without information would be a disaster. Both judgement and creativity need food for thought. In teams, arguing for or against a decision requires arguments. Decent projections require a good understanding of what is happening around, and further afield. So, any way we look at it, good decision making processes require good information.

Content curation for decision making

In a fast-changing world, good information comes from regular monitoring of news, both of strong and weak signals. Markets disruptions can come from new entrants, from other countries, or from social evolutions. Technologies permanently evolve and affect all areas of work and life. Regulations evolve. Our world is in a constant state of flux.

Fortunately, competitive companies understand that. Now, we have a new case study explaining how such a company, a major food industry player in Canada, is using Cronycle to make better informed strategic decisions. Collective curation helps them build a global and shared perspective over external evolutions, empowers the different organizational units and, ultimately, builds synergies and collaboration.

While collective content curation increases a company’s competitive advantage, it also helps individual contributors remain up-to-date with what’s happening in the world, outside their corporation. This outward facing curiosity and awareness keeps individuals and teams agile.

Other key use cases

Beyond decision making, the other two main purposes of content curation we see from our customers are:


This communications-oriented content curation aims to improve SEO (getting through the search engines algorithms) and thought leadership (bringing valuable content to people). It serves a variety of goals, such as brand awareness and image, attracting customers or recruits, etc. Indeed, many of our customers use Cronycle for this reason, in particular when using our WordPress plugin and sharing from Cronycle to social media.


We also have customers, such as Taylor & Francis (case study here), who specialize in professional content curation for knowledge capturing and publishing. Others use it for more traditional educational purpose, with educators sharing course references with pupils (and vice versa). In both cases, the collaboration on our platform makes it particularly adapted to this kind of purpose.

While this list is not exhaustive, these three goals (decision making, visibility and education) are key reasons that bring people to the exciting world of content curation. Learn more about what Cronycle does here.

WordPress plugin update – great to boost your SEO

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If you are seeking visibility in search results, you are most likely engaged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our WordPress plugin boosts your SEO with curated content, and we just updated it.

Our Cronycle Content plugin enables you to get the content you curate in your Cronycle boards onto your website, either as a news banner or as blog posts. Did you know that this latter option – board to posts – counts for SEO? You can even set up your tags in Cronycle and carry them across to WordPress automatically! Learn more on this by reading our tutorial.

Content from your board is sent to our WordPress plugin, ready to edit and publish as posts

Now, with Cronycle, you can build your reputation on social media, for SEO, and directly into your audience’s mail box (using newsletters) – all in one place! You can also publish internally via Slack or our own Curated Feeds.

Back to our WordPress plugin. We updated it recently to fix a few issues, mainly performance. You will notice a great improvement in terms of loading speed when collecting content from your board into WordPress. We also improved a few points here and there, to make it easier for you and more robust. So, if you are using the plugin, make sure you have the latest version.

You can try Cronycle and our WordPress plugin to boost your SEO, by creating a free account – no credit card required:

Start using Cronycle for free

Editable tag list to keep content organized

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Cronycle provides a full content curation workflow, that includes organizing curated content. We empower teams to control a tag list across their organisation. Such a system is necessary to keep a tight and meaningful taxonomy. We covered this point on a previous post about keeping tags organized. Now, you get an editable tag list to keep content organized.

Reminder of what is the organization tag list

If you are using Cronycle for content curation and have an Enterprise subscription, you may have noticed that admin users can set up the list of tags. When that is done, only those listed tags can be applied to content – across all boards within your organization.

What has changed?

Until recently, the list used could only be modified by adding a new CSV file. This option, which replaces with the new CSV, is still available. But now, you can also build and modify the tag list within the admin console interface. It is much easier to add a new tag, without having to juggle several tools. But it is not too easy either, ensuring your organization tag list continues to keep content curation organized.

A list of tags to organise educational content per course

What else can you do now to keep content organized?

Other options include:

  • Download the current list of tags as CSV – useful to take your list across to other tools, for example building your SEO tag list
  • Replace with a new list (CSV): in this case, the current list is deleted and replaced with the new one you upload. Tags already applied to content you curated will not be affected. But the available tags going forward have changed.
  • Select and batch delete, or delete single tags. Here as well, deletion impacts available tags going forward only, and does not remove tags already applied on content.

When adding new tags using a CSV, remember to follow the instructions on how to format tags. You find this information, and more, in the Q&A on the page:

Cronycle expects a CSV file containing the first column with the list of your tags. Other columns will be ignored. Remember that tags cannot contain spaces, special characters or more than 40 characters.

Language compatibility

We’ve also worked with one of our client on making sure it works in languages using characters such as French é, ç or à. We did a few updates to improve this aspect as well, making sure the editable tag list keeps content organized in many languages. Let us know if you spot something missing in your language!

Metrics on the tag list

What’s more, you can now see the total amount of instances for each tag: how many times has each one been applied across all the boards within your organization. In the example above, the imbalance between course tags is quite striking, corresponding to a lack of reference material for some courses. This is one of the first metrics we added, you will start to see more of these going forward, helping you fine tune your content curation process.

If you want to know more about the editable tag list and how to keep content organized, or what our Enterprise plan offers, check our pricing page and contact us.

3 ways to share curated content to social media, from Cronycle

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Cronycle is a one-stop shop for all your content discovery, organization and publishing. This means that you can share curated content to social media – whether from your feeds, or your boards. Content can be posted to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

We’ve just added a new tutorial describing three ways to share your best content to Social Media. It covers three options:

  • Share each individual pieces of content (manual)
  • Publish your board to social media via Buffer (recommended)
  • Publish your board to social media via RSS (universal)

Read how each one works here!

Ever more collaboration on content from your boards

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We recently did some updates to how you can do collaboration on content from your Cronycle boards.

A new tutorial

For one, we wrote a complete tutorial on board collaboration, including invites, actions on the boards, and publishing. If you are new to Cronycle, you probably find everything you need here.

Board contributor rights

If you are already familiar with Cronycle, here is a bit of explanation of what changed. Board contributors can now do everything the board owner can do, except:

  • Delete the board
  • Publish to Slack and Buffer (because they require personal authentication to those services).

This means that all board contributors can delete and modify content, change board name and description, publish to the other four alternatives (newsletters, RSS, WordPress and Curated Feed).

Board ownership transfer

Another addition to collaboration on content from your boards is board ownership transfer. You will find it in the board settings panel (click on the cog wheel to open it). Expand the information section: by the name of the board owner, there is now a button to transfer ownership.

Transfer board ownership from the settings panel

Note that the transfer can only be done towards another board contributor. So remember to add the relevant contributor before, by clicking on the people icon, just left of the cog wheel.

And also copying across boards

We also did a few updates related to how content is copied across boards. This is very useful in teams who do collaboration on content from their boards: the same content or story arc can be relevant to several collaborators.

First, know that you can copy content across from one board to another. To do that, click on the … at the top of the board tile, and select Copy to Other Board. You will then be directed to select the board to add this content to. Note that the original content stays on the original board.

We changed two things in relation to this feature:

  • we allow the same article to be in several story arcs (ie groups) when some have been copied across
  • we let you decide whether or not to copy the tags and summary to the new board

Don’t hesitate to provide feedback on how boards work (or don’t) for you from our contact form!

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As a matter of fact, all these options are available within Cronycle! Receive newsletter subscriptions, and follow Curated Feeds, RSS feeds and Twitter links – all within your feeds (click on Create Feed).

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