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illustration of team working on content marketing for sales enablement
Case Studies

Empower Your Sales Enablement Content Strategy

Knowledge professionals are inundated with a higher volume, velocity, and variety of content than ever before, and this is especially true for professionals in market

increased productivity and quality curation
Case Studies

Case Study: Taylor and Francis

This case study describes how collaboration in Cronycle increased productivity and quality in a professional curation team. “Cronycle has provided the Europa team with the

Explore sources more easily with an informative source preview
Content Curation

Explore sources more easily with a new preview

Two months ago, we announced our totally revamped sources library – the most powerful library for curation available. A couple of weeks ago, we also

enjoy reading while curating with peaceful and comfortable reader
Knowledge and Learning

Enjoy reading while curating

Cronycle’s new content reader will make you enjoy reading while curating. We have optimized our content reader for fast and comfortable reading, while also integrating

Content curation brings value to students
Case Studies

Content curation for education – Case Study

This case study describes how content curation brings value to instructors and students, and ways to use Cronycle for content curation for education, in a

Filter information in a library
Knowledge and Learning

On the importance of filtering information

In my second post in this series on information management, I will explore filtering as an important part of making knowledge flows valuable for individuals

curate and publish content: organization options
Content Sharing

Cronycle board and publishing updates

We continually work on refining the boards to make all Cronycle curators grow their power and efficiency. Cronycle boards let you save, enrich, filter and

monitor and curate from newsletter subscriptions
Cronycle Tutorials

Monitor and curate from newsletter subscriptions

You can monitor industry newsletters within Cronycle, easily curate, explore content cited and collect insights from your favourite subscriptions. Newsletters provide a manageable amount of

Send curated content from Cronycle to Zapier
Content Sharing

Zapier integration with Cronycle

You can now curate content in Cronycle, and send to over 1500 other apps through Zapier. We have just released our Zapier integration for early

content curation to newsletter using Cronycle
Content Sharing

Curation newsletter templates

Cronycle provides an easy way to publish curated content straight to your audience’s inbox with newsletters. Everything you need to prepare, shape and send your

Content Curation

Benefits of Content Curation for Marketing

Marketers live in a content-driven landscape where they are responsible to create a huge amount of content without reducing the quality. Content takes the front

manage subscribers for newsletters
Cronycle Tutorials

Manage newsletter subscribers in Cronycle

Cronycle allows you to prepare, format and send curated newsletters to your audience directly from your boards. This tutorial explains how to manage your newsletter


Inform strategic decisions with content curation

Content curation is powerful for several endeavours – particularly to make better informed strategic decisions. Other objectives include visibility and education. Decision making is hard!