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Send curated content from Cronycle to Zapier
Content Sharing

Zapier integration with Cronycle

You can now curate content in Cronycle, and send to over 1500 other apps through Zapier. We have just released our Zapier integration for early


Inform strategic decisions with content curation

Content curation is powerful for several endeavours – particularly to make better informed strategic decisions. Other objectives include visibility and education. Decision making is hard!

keep content organized with a lit of tags
Cronycle Tutorials

Editable tag list to keep content organized

Cronycle provides a full content curation workflow, that includes organizing curated content. We noticed that managing tags is difficult enough for one person, and very


Ever more content collaboration on your boards

We recently did some updates to how you can do content collaboration on your Cronycle boards. Collaboration is enabled for Enterprise customers. Contact us if