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Intelligence newsletters made simple, by Cronycle

In this post, we’ll look at intelligence newsletters made simple. In an age of exponential content production and social sharing; collecting, analyzing and sharing valuable

Filter information in a library
Knowledge and Learning

On the importance of filtering information

In my second post in this series on information management, I will explore filtering as an important part of making knowledge flows valuable for individuals

Monitor Google News
Cronycle Tutorials

How to monitor Google News and Reddit Alerts

Cronycle lets you monitor your industry and competitors, get alerts, and collect valuable information from the widest range of sources. There are several ways to

Import OPML to curate sources library
Content Curation

Start to curate in Cronycle: import OPML

This post is about importing OPML, but there are several ways to easily start to curate content using Cronycle when you change RSS aggregator: we

Content Curation

Storytelling: From Discovery to Delivery

A good storyteller will have a vast tapestry of anecdotes to draw from in order to weave a powerful narrative that will open the hearts and minds and change behaviours of their listeners, incrementally shaping the future with every story.

4 Types of Content Curation

One of the most powerful tools in the content marketer’s tool belt is a content curation strategy. Marketers face constant pressure to create and publish

What is content?

The meaning of the word content has changed a lot in the past 5 years. Previously when someone spoke about the word ‘content’ it seemed