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annotation on article in Cronycle boards
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How to annotate articles and PDFs

In our quest to make it easier for professionals and teams to make sense of information and curate intelligence from an over-abundance of content, we have constantly

easily collect online pdf documents
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Easily curate and extract insights from PDFs

It is difficult to curate & process PDF documents, whether online or on your computer. This is unfortunate because a lot of knowledge is available

filer content on the newsletter editor using tags
Content Sharing

New filters in the newsletter editor

Cronycle’s newsletters cover the whole curation, preparation and distribution workflow. We have just done an update that will make organizing content easier – filters in

keep content organized with a lit of tags
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Editable tag list to keep content organized

Cronycle provides a full content curation workflow, that includes organizing curated content. We noticed that managing tags is difficult enough for one person, and very