team curation with notifications from boards

How to use notifications to support team curation and sense making

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Cronycle boards are a great place for teams to do curation, thanks to a shared workspace, commenting, organization via tags, discussions (aka Crystals), and notifications. Even feeds can be monitored by a team.

Every tool has its own set of notification logic and options. This tutorial aims to explain how it works in Cronycle.

Notification control for team curation and sense making

Enterprise plans are made for team curation and sense making, so this is where most notifications occur.

If you have an Enterprise plan, on each board settings, a notification section lets you set the level of notification to none, mentions only of all notifications.

team curation with notifications from boards

To ease your team curation and sense making, we also have a Slack integration that lets you send many board notifications to one or several Slack channels.

To enable it, go to the board you want the notifications from, and open the settings. Next, expand the notifications section and change the setting to “All notifications”. Then, switch on Slack underneath, and connect (which you only need to do once for your whole account). Once you have allowed Cronycle to send content to Slack, select the channel(s) you want the notifications for.

Next time a team member saves a piece of content to the board, you’ll receive a notification in your channel(s).


You won’t receive any notification related to the board open, except if you are removed from it. This is the default for accounts created until October 12th 2020.

Mentions only

In addition to the above, you get a notification every time a team member mentions you in a comment or Crystal discussion. This is the default for new accounts created after October 12th 2020, and our recommendation for team curation and sense making.

All notifications

In addition to the above, you get a notification every time someone adds a new piece of content or a comment to the board. This can lead to a lot of notifications, so is useful only on boards you want to monitor very closely.

Option to stop all

If you want to stop all these board notifications, instead of going into each board individually to switch off, go to “My account” (from top left), then “Notifications & emails” page. Reset all with change all board notifications to “None” and even switch off notifications from feed following.

centralized option to reset all board notifications to none

In this case, rare but critical notifications will still be delivered.

Real-time alerts

If you’re a Cronycle user, you already know the impact of timely insights. Cronycle offers real-time alerts and updates for Enterprise users who activate and configure the alerts feature.

When you set up an alert, it is directly tied to content surfaced within a specific feed. Currently, you may set up one alert per feed. With each alert, you can choose one or several keywords to monitor. You can set a trigger to be notified for articles that reach a minimum share count threshold within our expertise network.

To create an alert, go to the feed where you want to set up the alert and click on the Feed alerts button on the right column, or go to the Alerts section in feed settings.

To remove an alert and stop receiving the emails, go to the same place and remove the alert, or remove all triggers.

Other emails we send you

While not exactly notifications, we wanted to cover a few more email types you can receive from Cronycle.

Onboarding emails

We send a series of emails in the first 28 days to help you discover Cronycle, step by step. You can unsubscribe from the footer of any of these emails. If you “unsubscribe all”, you will not receive any of the other emails listed below, unless you subscribe again. You can change your preference for both feed and board digest from “My account” (from top left), then “Notifications & emails” page.

Daily feed digest

This email gathers a selection of important new content from your feeds on a daily basis. This is particularly useful for content discovery once you’ve build good feeds.

Board digest

This email lists all the content added to the boards you own or contribute to, by any of the team members. This is great for managers overseeing their team’s curation for example. You do need to enable it to start receiving it, from your profile page.

Product newsletters

This monthly newsletter informs you about the updates to functionalities and interface in Cronycle. This often contains critical information about how Cronycle is changing, so it is included with all plans. If you are not receiving it, you can opt in from this link.

Notification delivery

A few notifications get only delivered by email (e.g. when a new user is invited to a Cronycle organization), and others only in the web application (less critical notifications), and many in both ways (e.g. when a new export file is ready to download).

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