Discover Cronycle’s lists of top 20 influencers of 2019 across 150 professional topics

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Cronycle is sharing a series of top 20 influencers lists for 150 topics – using our technology and a lot of data from 2019. 

Data-driven lists for top influencers of 2019

Every December we are presented with ‘lists of the year’ – top movies, songs, memes, gifts, cars, CEOs, innovative companies, women in tech or industry, LOL cats… But have you ever wondered how these lists are made? Usually a couple of people collect a limited set of information and prioritize based on their own motivations, biais and blinders.

Fortunately, Cronycle, the workspace to grow knowledge, expertise and authority, has decided to share a set of lists – the top influencers for over 150 topics. This differs from some of the other lists published at this time of year. Both because we base it on a lot of solid data (mostly but not only from Twitter), and because it is very broad in scope in the professional domain. One of our missions is to filter relevant information on the topics that matter to you and let information flow within and outside organizations.

Influencers list examples

Over the next 30 days, we’ll be releasing 3 lists a day, over Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to discover them as we share them!

Today, we start with two lists – the top influencers of 2019 for Artificial Intelligence and e-Learning.

Top influencers of 2019 for AI

In Artificial Intelligence, we count almost 6,000 influencers. This vibrant community shares a lot of conversations and content. Our Topic, the automated feed of relevant content on AI, surfaces about 300 articles, videos and Twitter conversations a day, on average.

Out of this noise, the following 10 influencers stand out in the twittersphere:

Top AI influencers of 2019

You can see them by going to this public AI topic page. From there, you can create a Cronycle account. This enables you to check out the top 20 influencers and beyond, and follow the topic as a feed to grow your knowledge (or any of the other 80k+ available). Once followed in a feed, you can apply filters to the Topic(s) – either by keyword, top influencers, or content type. This makes it easy for you to catch the content relevant to your needs.

One last detail – see the tags for each influencer in the list above? These are the other Topics each one is influential in. This is extremely useful to learn about a new or related Topic.

Top influencers of 2019 for e-Learning

E-Learning is also a vibrant community, with over 5,800 influencers. Let’s look at who are the top 10 influencers of 2019:

Top 10 e-Learning influencers of 2019

You can find them on this public link and also see the other influencers by creating a Cronycle account. When it comes to content, this topic brings a manageable amount of new content a day, at 43 on average.

Signing up to Cronycle will also let you see and discover the related topics, such as Educational Technology, Teaching, MOOCs, M-Learning, Higher Education, Learning and Development, Instructional Design, Personal Learning Network, Pedagogy, Blended Learning, or Professional Development. Each one of these topics will have a set of top influencers and daily content to continuously grow knowledge.

How do we make our list

Now, you are probably wondering how we make these lists. Our technology analyzes networks to identify communities across 80k+ topics. 

From this, we do a couple of things:

First, we identify Topics by analyzing the semantics and relationships between topics. We feed the engine data from 10 million unstructured content on the web, Wikipedia, and Twitter. This is why we can show topics related to e-Learning, and get very good knowledge graphs. 

Then, we identify influencers per Topic – such as the top influencers lists. For each Topic, we use machine learning, semantic analysis and natural language processing on unstructured data at scale. Said in another way, we rank influencers based on their authority within each Topic. For a more complete explanation of our technology, please check out this post

Last but not least, we surface content relevant to each topic, as an automated feed. To do this, we mine the web for content – around 600k articles, videos and Twitter conversations daily from around 2 million websites every month. We check which pieces of content are shared by the influencers in each topic. Any content shared appears in the feed. In Cronycle feeds, we even show the number of influencers who shared each piece of content, and list them –

content shared by the influencers in each topic

To conclude, book a call with us for a team or create an individual account to check any of our 80k+ topics and their influencers. We hope you’ll enjoy our series of Top influencers of 2019 in the next month and wish you all the best!

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