Transition from Right Relevance to Cronycle

Transition from Right Relevance iOS app to Cronycle’s

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Right Relevance, owned by Cronycle, is going through the last step of its integration – whereby the iOS application is undergoing a transition to Cronycle.

Over two years ago, Cronycle acquired Right Relevance and soon after integrated its relevance engine and Topics into Cronycle application. This has brought tremendous value to Cronycle users. They can now find and follow all topics from Right Relevance and do a lot more, such as:

  • Add other sources such as RSS, Twitter and newsletters into feeds
  • Explore topical influencers and export lists
  • Customize feeds with filters to increase relevance to your needs
  • Save, tag, enrich, comment and filter content saved on boards
  • Set up boards to publish content to 8 different options such as Buffer, Zapier, WordPress or newsletters

Additionally, Cronycle’s iOS application is a comfortable reader for feed and board content, letting users save, tag and comment content too. Its extension also makes adding any content from anywhere very easy. In comparison, the Right Relevance iOS app is only a feed reader. So, all its capabilities being covered by the Cronycle iOS app, we’ve decided to discontinue the Right Relevance iOS app. If you are using the Right Relevance iOS app, our 79% off exclusive offer also makes it the ideal time to transition from Right Relevance to Cronycle.

What can you do next if you use the Right Relevance iOS app?

If you are currently using the Right Relevance iOS app, you’ll have three options:

  • First, we invite you to switch to Cronycle and use it both through the iOS app and its web application. We have a special offer for Right Relevance users: the Cronycle Pro plan with a 79% discount! To benefit from this limited offer, click on the banner in your Your RightRelevance Digest of trending articles.
  • Second, you can use the responsive Right Relevance web application directly on your iPhone. We will not discontinue this web application.
  • Last, you can continue to use the current iOS Right Relevance app. We will not stop it from working, but we won’t do any update. This means it will eventually start to have issues as your operating system evolves.

When you switch to Cronycle, you’ll need to create a new account. We recommend connecting your Twitter account so you get suggestions of Topics relevant to your Twitter activity. This will likely speed up your setup.

If you are unsure or just want to be able to set up in Cronycle quickly, we are happy to provide a demo for you!

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