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Get started with Cronycle tutorials

Discover the basics of Cronycle with these selected tutorials with videos:
Cronycle tutorial to get started on sourcing information for market research
Create feeds to discover & aggregate content

We show how to explore the Cronycle topic graph and create feeds to surface great content matching your market intelligence needs.

Market intelligence tutorial on how to filter information in Cronycle for market research.
Filter information with Cronycle feeds

Learn how to save time by filtering relevant information from the noise, while not missing out on important content.

How to use Cronycle to collect information for market intelligence
Collect market intelligence on boards

Discover how to save articles, files, emails, notes and more to Cronycle boards, to organize, make sense of information and share.

Cronycle tutorial on how to make sense of information
Make sense of information on boards

Cronycle tutorial to make the most of boards by making sense of information with tags, summaries and groups, and extract insights.

Cronycle tutorials

Learn how to source and curate content, make sense of information, and extract and share insights with these market intelligence tutorials.

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Source content tutorials

Market research tutorials to learn how to discover, source, aggregate and filter relevant content.

Because it’s absolutely critical that you be the first to know about new developments happening inside and outside your market, Cronycle now offers real-time
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Cronycle is great for information discovery, filtering, sense-making and sharing, but it also enables teams to analyze trends in their market and areas of
3 : 00
This support post describes the scenarios where you cannot fully access your Cronycle account and assets, and what you can do. Deactivated account You
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Collect and extract intelligence

Save content from anywhere, then collaborate to organize and make sense of information.

Share market intelligence

Publish board content to a wide range of apps via integrations, copy-paste and exports.

Cronycle allows you to prepare, format and send reports and curated newsletters as emails to your stakeholders, directly from your boards. This tutorial explains
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Competitive intelligence tutorials

Tutorials dedicated to competitive intelligence, from discovery to sharing intel.

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