How to do content collaboration using Cronycle boards?

Cronycle boards are the ideal place to curate content collaboratively. This is the best way to leverage collective intelligence and knowledge. Teams can work together to collect, organize, enrich and publish content from their boards.

How to start to curate content collaboratively using boards?

It is quite simple: you need a board. If you don’t have one, create it from the Boards page, by clicking on “Create a board”.

Create a board if you don’t have one ready

Then, open the board. You will notice a people icon towards the top right: click on it to add contributors.

Cicking on Contributors icon

You can either add collaborators already in your Cronycle organization (workspace), or invite new collaborators by entering their email address. However, this last option is not accessible if:

  • Your organization has an Enterprise plan and you are not admin (you can see your current plan in your profile page).
  • You have used all your collaborators allowance

Now, all the board contributors who already have a Cronycle account in your organization can readily start working on this board. They can also invite other members of the organization. To view the invites sent and those that have been accepted, you can go to:

  • Profile / Collaborators if you have a Starter or Pro account
  • Admin Console / Users if you are an Admin with an Enterprise account
  • Profile / Collaborators if you are a Curator with an Enterprise account
List of users on the Admin Console (Enterprise Admin view)

However, if the persons you invite don’t have an account within your organization, you will need to wait for them to join you on Cronycle to start collaborating. They receive an email inviting them. Clicking on the link in the email lets them create their own account under your organization. As soon as they are logged in, they will see the board(s) you gave them access to. They will not see the other boards, and won’t see your feeds, unless you share them. They will also be able to create new boards – within the allowance.

What can be done on boards to curate content collaboratively?

Collect content

All board contributors, whether they own the board or not, can add and remove content. This means that every contributor can pin from their feeds, the content clipper (available on Chrome and Safari), our iOS app, or by pasting URLs onto the board. They can also remove content from the board, or copy it to another board. Note however, that only the board owner can delete a board.

Pin content from the web to your board using our Content Clipper

Organize content

Every contributor can add comments, annotations (inline comments) and votes to share their thoughts about the content. Note that these items do not get published: they are meant to facilitate collaboration within the team. For example, adding a comment with a @mention can trigger a notification the person you know is likely interested in an article. We’ll describe setting up notifications below.

Adding a mention in an annotation – mentions also available on the content tile

Another aspect of organizing content is applying tags to content. Any contributor can naturally add and remove tags to pieces of content. Tags can then be used to filter content on the board (and across all boards). They are also sent to our WordPress plugin draft posts, boosting up your SEO!

Adding tags to an article on your board

Also, if you have an Enterprise plan, the admin users can define a list of Organization tags to make sure the taxonomy remains manageable.

Enrich content

Moreover, every contributor can group articles into Story Arcs or add summaries to introduce the content or group. They can also modify these, for example removing a video from a Story Arc. Both summaries and Story Arcs get published.

Editing a Story Arc – a group of several articles, videos and/or conversations

Publish content

Cronycle lets content curators publish the content from a board to multiple channels:

  • Newsletters, directly to your audience’s mailbox
  • Curated Feed for fellow Cronycle users (internally and/or externally)
  • RSS, the standard to collect the content in most tools including intranets, website builders, social media account managers, etc.
  • WordPress, using our plugin, to publish posts or a news banner
  • Social media using Buffer (Hootsuite coming soon)
  • Slack
Each board has its own publishing settings

All board contributors can set up and modify these publishing options, with the exceptions of Buffer and Slack, as both require personal authentication to an account. In these two cases, only the board owner can modify the publishing settings. Rest assured: content pinned or approved by any other contributor gets published.

While we are mentioning approving, a little bit more explanation on that. Editor approval lets you decide when a piece of content is ready to be published. For example, if you add summaries to your content, you probably want to make sure it is all good before it goes out. Any board contributor can editor approve or disapprove a piece of content. However, within your team, you can decide on who can approve and by what criteria. This is particularly important when publishing as posts with our WordPress plugin: the content from the board is only sent once to WordPress, as we explain in the WordPress tutorial.

How to notify others (and get notified)?

A lot can happen when you curate content collaboratively. You may get involved with several boards, it can become difficult to keep up. This is why we have implemented notifications.

As mentioned above, you can add mentions in both annotations and content tile comments, from the webapp, iOS app and even the content clipper.

To receive notifications, each board contributor needs to set up their desired level of notification in each board settings. Click on the cog wheel on the board, and expand the notifications section. There are three levels:

  • None (the default)
  • Mentions only
  • All notifications
Options available for notifications

So, before mentioning your team members, remember to make sure they have switched on notifications. They get delivered in our web and iOS applications, as well as by email.

If you wish to stop all notifications, there is a central reset button on your profile page. All boards will then be set back to no notifications.

There is another way to keep an eye on your boards: you can subscribe to receive general board updates by email on your profile page. You will then receive information about new content added to your boards.

Opt in to board updates on your profile page

How to transfer board ownership?

In some cases, like a change of team or role, or a team member leaving, you may want to transfer board ownership. This will allow someone else to control the Slack and Buffer publishing options, and eventually delete the board. This way your team can continue to curate content collaboratively.

To do that, the board owner needs to go to the board settings (click on the cog wheel), expand the Information section, and click on Transfer ownership. You’ll then be asked to select one of the board contributors as a new board owner. If you want to transfer to another person, you first need to add them as contributor to the board. As Slack and Buffer get disconnected when transfering ownership, the new owner needs to reconnect with his/her own credentials.

Transfer board ownership

Stay tuned!

We are currently working on a list view for boards, and a few improvements. Contact us with feedback, and stay tuned with news about the product: