3 ways to share curated content to social media from Cronycle

Cronycle is a one-stop shop for all your content discovery, organization and publishing. This means that content your receive on your feeds, and content you save on your boards, can be posted to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the likes. There are 3 ways to do this:

1- Share each individual pieces of content

For this manual approach, use the share icon on the content tile on feed (1st image) and boards (2nd image). It will share the link and title of the content.

Share icon is the second at the bottom left on feed content
Share icon is the second top right on board content

In this case, you will see a pop-up asking you to connect to Twitter / LinkedIn/Facebook the first time and showing the content title and link.

Twitter pop-up to share a piece of content’s link

If this does not work, check that you allow pop-ups in your browser for Cronycle.

Note that, if you have a summary on your board, it will not be shared. This method only shares the link.

2- Publish your board to social media via Buffer

There are several advantages with this method of sharing content to social media:

  • Distribute to several social media accounts (options being Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram)
  • Schedule when the posts get published (in Buffer)
  • Publish the summaries you add to content on your board
  • Use the same curated content for other channels, such as newsletter, WordPress site, Slack, etc.

First, you need a Buffer account. In that account, you need to connect your social media account(s).

Then, back in Cronycle, in the board Publish panel, switch on Social media via Buffer. It will ask you to connect to your Buffer account. Once that’s done, pick the social media accounts you want to publish to from this board.

Repeat these two steps (switch on and pick accounts) for all the boards you want to publish from.

We recommend using editor approved as a filter and marking content when it is ready, so you get to double check what is published.

3- Publish your board to social media via RSS

What if you don’t have a Buffer account and don’t want to create one? We will soon add more integrations but, in the meantime, you can use RSS.

RSS is an industry standard that lets you share a collection of web links in the form of a feed. You are probably familiar with RSS aggregators (like… Cronycle), which let you collect content from several websites. We have fine tuned our RSS output from boards so that it publishes the links to content on the boards, but also the summaries you write and the Story Arcs (groups of content).

To use it, in the board Publish panel, switch on RSS. Copy the URL provided and add it to your tool of choice for managing social media accounts.

Try it today!

You can try all the options mentioned above by creating a new account: you will get a 28 days free Pro trial to test all of Cronycle’s curation functionality, including (but not limited to) newsletters.

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