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Viewpoint – March 2021 Evolutions in Topics and Expertise Network

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February 2021 Evolutions from Cronycle - infographic

This monthly infographic update shows the evolutions in Cronycle Topics and Expertise Network, for March 2021.

What is a Cronycle Topic?

A smart aggregation of information combining artificial intelligence and human expertise. We analyse content from millions of online sources identified by our expertise network, identify semantics, and surface information relevant to each Topic.

Topics evolutions for March 2021

  • 40,674 Topics with communities
  • 87,574 Topics in total, including locations, events, and alternate forms

Our list of Topics grew this month by 391. The top 10 are (with number of influencers in the community):

  1. Black Indigenous And People Of Color – 1,361
  2. Digital Forensics And Incident Response – 1,361
  3. Days Of Our Lives – 485
  4. Phone Sex – 335
  5. Shortwave Radio – 250
  6. Queen’s University Belfast – 188
  7. Vaccine Hesitancy – 144
  8. Texas Education – 126
  9. Fast Fashion – 29
  10. Mob Wives – 26

Why add new Topics?

We create new Topics when our system identifies emerging subjects, when requested by our customers, and occasionally to improve clarity of earlier versions.

For this month of March 2021 evolutions, one of the two Topics with the largest community is Black Indigenous And People Of Color. This and Gag Order (in 11th position, beyond top 10) reflect long term social evolutions and activism.

Finally, Vaccine Hesitancy is obviously on everyone’s mind as the campaigns ramp up. It replaces the more dualistic Anti Vaccination (the previous Topic it displaced) as perceptions have evolved towards shades of grey.

What is the Cronycle Expertise Network?

When it comes to looking for specific information, the best is to seek out the source that has the most knowledge, expertise and experience on said topic. Many of these experts connect together in loose topical communities, and are constantly being monitored by their pairs. Cronycle users these interactions, in particular in Twitter, to identify influencers and communities that form the Cronycle Expertise Network.

Expertise Network evolutions for March 2021

2,677,271 influencers in our Expertise network.

Where are the influencers?

Top 10 cities in terms influencers in overall expertise network:

  1. London, UK – 79,592
  2. Los Angeles, CA – 40,270
  3. New York, NY – 38,229
  4. Paris, France – 29,083
  5. Madrid, Spain – 24,422
  6. Washington, DC – 24,280
  7. Toronto, ON – 21,430
  8. San Francisco, CA – 19,799
  9. Chicago, IL – 18,800
  10. Tokyo, Japan – 15,249

Influencer categories

Like in February, among the total Expertise Network:

  • 52% are persons (more specifically – 24% male, 14% female, and 14% without gender information)
  • 20% are organizations
  • 28% have no classification

If you want to use the information surfaced by our Topics, learn how feeds can help you aggregate and filter information.

Cronycle Viewpoint, evolutions for March 2021 – Copyrights Cronycle Ltd, 2021

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