Product update – Discover our updated content curation WordPress plugin and power your SEO

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If you are seeking visibility in search results, you are most likely engaged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Our WordPress plugin uses content curation to boost your SEO, and we just updated it.

About our Content Curation WordPress plugin for improved SEO

Our Cronycle Content plugin enables you to get the content you discover in your Cronycle feeds and curate in your Cronycle boards onto your website. The plugin provides two options: a news banner (lowest effort) and blog posts (highest impact). Did you know that this latter option – board to posts – is great to boost your SEO? You can even set up your tags in Cronycle and carry them across to WordPress automatically! Or assign a category in WordPress for each board to keep information organized. Learn more on this by reading our detailed tutorial.

Cronycle WordPress content curation plugin which you can use to easily create posts and boost SEO
Content from your board is sent to our WordPress plugin, ready to edit and publish as posts

Other options to increase visibility in parallel with WordPress

Now, thanks to Cronycle, you can build your social media reputation, organic visibility with better SEO, and directly connect to your audience’s mail box using newsletters. The best? All publishing is all done from one place – the Cronycle boards! You can also publish to a community via Slack, or to all kinds of solutions with Zapier and RSS.

How we improve our plugin

Back to our WordPress plugin for content curation. We update it regularly to fix issues, performance and functionality. You may have noticed a great improvement in terms of loading speed when collecting content from your board into WordPress. We also improved a few points here and there, to make it easier for you and more robust. So, if you are using the plugin, make sure you always have the latest version. We will update it in the near future to automatically set feature images with draft posts.

Try content curation in Cronycle and our WordPress plugin to boost your SEO. Simply create an individual account – or meet with us for a team account.

Discover the power of Cronycle for Teams

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